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Finally!! Dining that wows you.

We are an average couple who doesn't get out much so when we do we want to be wowed. That includes exceptional service, exceptional creative food, and surroundings,(and I dont mind paying for good!) This was our first visit here. We called ahead for reservations and were kindly greeted on phone) When we arrived for dinner at this absolutely gorgeous historical landmark we were greeted immediately upon entry even though we had to wait a minute. Being acknowledged is so important. We sat in a dining room and were again acknowledged by our waitress right away. Drink order was a timely fashion and mixed drinks were correct and good. We noticed several waitstaff cross helping the others, if a plate needed removed or drinks refilled, the passerby did it, that is awesome. We placed an appetizer order and it was fresh, hot, and delicious, we were asked if we needed serving plates as well! Our Waitress Brikel was amazing and always checked back at the right time. Apps, dinner salad, dinner were spaced out just right and came with appropriate silverware. Main dish was amazing and very specificaly made to this restuarant., their menu is very unique, dessert was great too. What a pleasant dining experience with exceptional service, something that is ever rarer to find these days when no one cares. We will be back, and advertise this place for our Air BNB guests.

- T. 

A tasty dining experience! My family of five decided to stop here for dinner on a whim (and a quick research of Google-reviewed restaurants with 4.3 stars and up), and we were not disappointed. We have three kids, ages 9, 7, and 6 weeks. Our older two were thrilled with their mozzarella moons and mini pierogies (we don't eat out much and let them order whatever they want as long as they eat it). It isn't on the printed menu, but they do have a kids' menu, just ask your friendly server. Our server, Jenna, was an absolute doll and such a pleasant person! She was prompt, courteous, and super sweet to our kids. The food didn't disappoint, either - thank you, kitchen staff! I ordered their house meatloaf with side salad and mashed potatoes. The meatloaf had a delicious, sweet bacon glaze, and the mashed potatoes were REAL mashed potatoes - no fake taters here! My husband has a very restrictive diet and had no issues ordering; he had a Reuben sandwich without the bread, Cole slaw, and sautéed broccolini. All in all, we found the entire experience to be really pretty great and look forward to returning again soon!

- Bethany C.

This is a great place for a date night or just casual night out with friends and family. The food is excellent, you really can not go wrong with anything on the menu. Everything is fresh and well made with quality. The service is also top notch. From the hostess to the servers to all involved, they are all very friendly, polite, and give well and attentive service. The house salad starter was delicious and fresh. I highly recommend the chicken Chesapeake main course. It had so much flavor and was just an unbeatable dish! The prices are also very reasonable for the amazing food and service you get there! I can't wait to go back!

- Krissa B.

Franklin House is a MUST VISIT if anywhere near! This place was built in 1746 and is just an absolutely amazing historic tavern. The decor is beautiful and you feel like you're are stepping back in time as you enter. A neat tavern area and two fancy looking dining rooms make this a great place to eat or drink. The foot long chili dog (Franken Dog) is the best chili dog I have ever eaten. Fantastic overall menu, and the dinner entrees listed sound super delicious! Can't wait to go back!

- Tim H.

We eat here fairly often, and usually on Sunday for an early. My "goto" is the Pittsburgh Steak Salad. The freshest spring mix with grilled steak covered in fresh cut fries and broiled to melt the cheese. It is an entire meal. Their craft cocktails did beer selection change with the season, and round out the meal. The staff is courteous and helpful, but the thing I like and appreciate the most is the quality and consistency of the food. A great place to eat.

- Kathleen M.

Highly recommend. Great for history enthusiasts: well-preserved historic stone tavern built in 1746! Excellent dinner—we had the red snapper cooked in brown butter and the pork chops with baked apple chutney infused with Fireball (the latter might not always be available as some of the entree menu items change from time to time). Prices were VERY reasonable. Good beer list. Kind of remote in the countryside but well-worth the drive especially if you are visiting Middle Creek Wildlife Refuge nearby. Very scenic area. Reservations recommended. Very good for a dinner date.

- Sabrina M.

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